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A culmination of several years of cooperation and dialogue amongst various individuals and groups in the Arab world regarding the centrality of “stories” in individual development, and cultural growth. This project brings together artists, oral historians, story-tellers, and educators in a network, residencies, workshops, and an itinerant festival which will present “story-telling” in its various forms and show how it enriches the theatre, the arts, and is crucial to the development of literacy and the formation of identity and inter-cultural dialogue.

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Safar/ Istikshaf

SAFAR & ISTIKSHAF respectively mean travel and discovery, and as such derive their programmatic momentum and direction from the wide concept of learning through mobility which helps youth engage in a healthy process of growth that permits them, and hence their communities, to develop their own unique experiences and knowledge. Safar simply provides youth with the space and opportunities to pursue their own learning paths, aiming on the long run to contribute to building a culture of learning, initiative and inspiration within the Arab World. Safar youth mobility fund, launched in 2005, provides travel grants for Arab youth aged 15-35 years to travel to another Arab country to learn from a workshop, conference, meeting, seminar, apprenticeship, internship, joint project, or an exchange visit. It also provides an online database and forum for exchange of experiences, as well as opportunities for Arab social entrepreneurs to develop a new community discourse based on their experiences. Istikshaf, the advocacy arm of Safar, in partnership with the Roberto Cimetta Fund (France) and I-ACT (Egypt), encompasses a series of activities to mobilize alumni, work with the various stakeholders to promote and advocate for mobility as a tool for learning, in addition to research, documentation, evaluation of, and reflection on mobility. Istikshaf will also develop a web-based platform to assist travelers in weaving their learning journeys around the Arab world. - 


Jeera ,Amman Learning City

JEERA in Arabic means “neighborhood”, and in Levantine colloquial it is used as a strong invitation to experience traditional hospitality. It is the name given by the core team of cultural activists who founded this collaborative initiative between the Arab Education Forum and The Amman Municipality, aiming at transforming the city of Amman into a learning and convivial city.

Jeera activities include an online database of learning resources; inducing learning initiatives from people either to learn new things or to share their knowledge with others; activating used and abandoned spaces to become functional learning spaces; encouraging people to adapt learning experiences and welcome learners/apprentices/visitors in various areas of Ammani society. Most of all, Jeera will attempt to imbue the city with a convivial atmosphere that will improve the inter-relationships between its citizens, residents (temporary and permanent), and visitors alike.

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The Other Arabia

A website for the promotion and marketing of non-commercial cultural production by individuals, organizations, or educational and cultural initiatives in the Arab world or in the Arabic language. The website is a genuine attempt to promote these cultural products as well as the individuals, organizations and initiatives that contributed to their production. “The Other Arabia” is dedicated to show the creative, original, contemporary, and inspiring side of the Arab world.

“The Other Arabia ” has been developed by the Arab Education Forum. It has developed a partnership with the Azkadunya company for the sale and distribution of products listed on "The Other Arabia" website.


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