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Arab Education Forum / Istikshaf Launch of Mobility Regional Policy Agenda

Arab Education Forum / Istikshaf
Launch of Istikshaf Mobility Regional Policy Agenda

As part of Istikshaf, an advocacy program that supports mobility as a tool of learning in the Euro-Arab region, the Arab Education Forum held a meeting on public policies, affecting mobility in the period between 20-21November, 2012 in the French Institute in Beirut.

Supported by the European Union, the first day of the debate focused on the Regional Mobility Policy Agenda, which was based on the deliberations of the Alexandria meeting that took place last June and gathered a group of institutes, active individuals who support the mobility of artists and social activities and a number of non-governmental, regional and international organizations. The meeting discussed and identified policy issues and restrictions that negatively affect the mobility of artists and limit the use of mobility as a tool for learning the region in general. 

This regional mobility policy agenda aims to develop closer links between a range of stakeholders including government agencies, foundations, voluntary and community sector in delivering specific policies and positions in areas affecting mobility with a focus on arts, culture and social entrepreneurship. It also helps people to better understand the policy issues and their impact and provide tools to influence them.  The agenda addresses the following main themes:
- Mobility on the national agenda
- Financing mobility
- Crossing borders
- Mobilizing communities

You can support the Istikshaf Mobility Regional Policy Agenda




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