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Serene Huleileh
Cultural activist, social entrepreneur, writer, editor, and trainer, Ms. Huleileh has been active in the community education scene in both Palestine and Jordan since 1990. Working with the Tamer Institute for Community education in Palestine from 1990 1998, she established the publishing unit for children and youth, helped develop the national reading campaign, and established and coordinated the Yara3at weekly newspaper page and supplement for youth, all of which continue to this day as essential projects to the Institute and the Palestinian community at large. In her capacity as cultural manager, she organized and coordinated several cultural festivals and events in Palestine and Jordan, both as a volunteer and on a consultancy basis as of 1992. Since 2000 she has been the regional director for the Arab Education Forum, developing projects and partnerships with and for youth, community educators, and artists across the Arab world. She is also the editor-in-chief of Waw Al Balad, a monthly agenda of cultural activities in Jordan, and serves on the board of directors of Al Balad Theatre and the El Funoon dance group.

Dr. Munir Fasheh
Phd in Education from Harvard University in 1988, MS in Mathematics education from Florida State University in 1966 and a BS in Mathematics from the AUB in 1962, Dr. Fasheh has over 40 years experience in education, primarily in Palestine but also in the Arab world as well as the USA. A visiting scholar and an affiliate of research at the Center for Middle Eastern Studies at Harvard University from 1997,2007, Dr. Fasheh founded the Arab Education Forum and went on many speaking tours around the Arab world to promote the concept of learning as integral to education, both formal and informal. He published 5 books to date, as well as over 30 articles in Arabic and English, several of them in the Harvard Educational Review, and participated in tens of conferences as a keynote speaker and/or lecturer. He currently resides in Palestine and serves on the board of the AEF as well as fulfilling the function of its educational consultant.

Mais Irqsusi
Born in 1985, has a BA in management information systems (University of Yarmouk) and a Masters in Business Administration with concentration on international business (NYIT). She is also a certified project manager (PMP certificate from PMI). Mais has seven years experience in project management projects ranging from economic and political reform, to entrepreneurship, youth and culture. Amongst the organizations she worked in is the Center for International Private Enterprise and the Takween- open spaces for enlightenment and Creativity. Mais was assigned to lead the program of the Arab Education Forum late 2008, during which she contributed significantly to the development of programs in all aspects in addition to the development of internal mechanisms of programs management and effectiveness of teamwork amongst staff and volunteers, also worked in particular on the management and development of Safar Youth mobility program and Istikshaf program. At the end of 2010, Mais was drawn to community organizing. She studied Leadership, Organizing and Action online with Professor Ganz of the Harvard Kennedy School. In October 2011 Mais co-founded Ahel, a social enterprise aiming to support people organize their power and resources to lead campaigns for change using a value-based community-organizing model. Mais is currently a board member at the Arab Education Forum and a founding member of Raneen an initiative that aims to create interactive Arabic audio content for children.


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