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There are many inspiring initiatives in the Arab world that are dispersed and unaware of each other. There is a need for a space and means to raise awareness about these initiatives, bring them together, and disseminate information about them.

  The starting point for AEF's work is available learning initiatives in the Arab world, and encouraging those who work on these initiatives to reflect on what they do, express, and discuss it with others, specially explaining their own concept of learning as it is embodied in their work.

  A person learns from his/her as well as other people's experiences

A network is formed spontaneously and requires time: no quantitative plan can be developed for its formation. Furthermore, a real network between people is equally important to the virtual network which will develop on the Internet.

  Community education can only take place in a free environment within society.

 Consultation is an integral part of community action

  It is imperative to put back the responsibility of learning to the individual and the family (i.e. the family plays a more important role than the school in raising children)

  Community service plays a vital role in enriching formal education

  There is no one solution that is suitable for all

  Reading and writing as related to life are essential elements of the process of learning.

  We cannot separate between the spirit of the project and its form: they are both organically linked.

  A certain degree and level of voluntary work is an essential aspect of any initiative.

  Successful initiatives are not slaves to their respective funders and to reports: they maintain their independence and their prerogative to setting priorities and altering plans as the situation requires.


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