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Tammey and Istikshaf Present New Travel Grants

​​Capacity Building Workshop
Tammey and Istikshaf Present New Travel Grants for Arab Youth
 January 2014



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Tammey and Istikshaf Present New Travel Grants for Arab Youth
Tajwal “ Jeereh” in Ghor Almazra’a
Mais Darwazah one of “Safar” grantees, presenting her film “My Love Awaits Me by the Sea” At Dubai International Film Festival
Palestinian Youth Across the Borders

Safar/ Istikshaf Grants

Safar provided travel grants to May Farra, Samar Barraj  and Firas Bouzeineddine from Lebanon; Noora Baker from Palestine; Faisal Al Azzah from Jordan; and Walid Daghsni, Makram Sanhouri, Améni Belaâj and Riadh Touti from Tunisia, to travel to Alexandria, Egypt to participate in the Arab Theater Forum Festival “Nawbat Sahayan", or Reveille in English.

Organized by the International Association for Creation and Training (I- ACT), “Nawbat Sahayan” festival is an Arab theater gathering promotes the arts and freedom of expression, particularly in environments experience political and social upheaval. Moreover, it aims to enhance art and culture in Alexandria to regain its leading role as a cultural forum.

In addition, Lubna Juqqa from Jordan received a travel grant to Cairo to participate in the Egyptian Social Forum for Youth. This forum seeks to connect youth based on their variations, as its value is in its richness and its richness connected to its strength. It also links activists together, providing a platform for them to communicate, plan, and exchange experiences. 

This project is funded by
the European Union

Istikshaf News

Istikshaf Mobility Conference
The second Istikshaf Symposium/Conference aims to be a forum for sharing experiences in the Arab and Euro-Mediterranean region on the impact of mobility for learning, allowing artists, social entrepreneurs, youth and policy makers to share and reflect on their experiences of mobility and how it impacted their professional, personal, and collective journeys.
Stakeholders including researchers, policy makers, and practitioners will be invited to share their research, stories and knowledge to learn from and inspire each other. The conference will also address the many challenges and obstacles youth, artists, and activists face today in their quest for mobility and will propose practical solutions at various levels (governmental, parliamentary, civil society), keeping in mind the specificities of each country in the region.


The Arab Education Forum and the Istikshaf Coalition Announce
A Call for Papers
Mobility and Freedom of Movement Conference
March 15-17, 2014
Amman – Jordan
 The deadline for submissions is 2 February 2014
Abstracts will be accepted in Arabic, English and French, word count between 250 - 500 words.  A committee from the Istikshaf coalition will review all abstracts. Applicants whose papers have been accepted will be contacted by 9 February 2014 in which case full papers will be required by 1st  March 2014. Please e-mail abstracts and your CV to: Areej Ghazwi
For the detailed call for paper click: Arabic, English and French

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 About AEF

The Arab Education Forum is a non-governmental, not-for-profit organization active in the Arab World in the field of community and youth work . The mission of AEF is to contribute to an Arab cultural regeneration project that springs out of the inherent knowledge and experiences within the Arab societies

 Tammey and Istikshaf Present New Travel Grants for Arab Youth

In cooperation with Istikshaf / Safar, Tammey for youth development present new travel grants between Arab states for Arab youth, 15- 35 years old, who are either interested or working in the art, cultural, or social and heritage fields. The Grants name will be “Hamid Saeed” and “Rocks bin Zayed Al Ozizi.
Use the following link to access the application: "add user"
Istikshaf Program is a project of the Arab Education Forum that aims to support the travel and mobility culture as key means for learning, cultural, and art exchange and the prosperity of communities.  
Tammey for youth development was established in 2010 by group of youth development experts to provide opportunities for learning and innovation among Arab youth to realize their potentials and to support and inspire others to achieve their own goals and choices in life.
To read more abou Tammey,  website : 
Face book page : Tammey.Org

 Tajwal “ Jeera”  in Ghor Almazra’a

Jeera has organized a visit to Zikra Initiative in Ghor Almazra’a. The visit provided a rich base for the exchange of experiences among women from there. Several other initiatives took part in this unique village experience, including Ruwwad /Jabal Al-Natheef, Taghmees /Social Kitchen, Arab Education Forum / Istikshaf, Amman Greater Municipality, Al Balad Theater, Hikayati, and many other organizations from areas including Wadi Al-Haddadeh, Qweismeh, and Sweileh.   

This visit included discussions on unique activities related to a productive lifestyle, compared to the consumer lifestyle in the cities and other villages, as well as discussions on the impact of modern education systems on traditional lifestyles. Participants explored traditional skills such as making Kohl from olive oil, basket weaving and wool weaving, hatta tasseling, and making rosaries from olive seeds.

A home-cooked lunch of “Shrak bread” and “Gallayet Bandora”, a special traditional dish made of cooked tomato with spices, was served and participants were able to observe and participate in its preparation.

Ms. Manal, from Jabal Al-Natheef, explained that this experience was inspiring as she realized the importance of investment in natural resources and enhancing sustainable environmental practices at home and among the family members.

Another participant, Fatimah, remarked that she was amazed by this visit as she noted the equality community members shared as well as the good relations among neighbors.
Ghadeer Morlee, a librarian in Wadi Alhaddadeh, indicated that this experience had enhanced her sense of family, which she believes should be boosted among various community levels.
The visit also included some music and singing, and community member Ms.Dalal Alamam sang an old traditional song, “Ala Dal Aouna”.  

Jeera is a joint initiative between the Arab Education Forum and the Amman Greater Municipality that aims to develop a model of Arab learning and communal city.  It hopes to achieve this through partnership development and networking among individuals and relevant institutions in order to turn the city into an open learning environment that supports abandoning the consumer lifestyle for healthy constructive lifestyles.

Jeera benefits from individuals documenting the knowledge of their generations and their culture to create and share productive cultural activities of the community.

 Mais Darwazah one of “Safar” grantees, presenting her film “My Love Awaits Me by the Sea” At Dubai International Film Festival

After premiering at the Toronto International Film Festival and the Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival 2013, the documentary “My Love Awaits Me by the Sea,” directed by the Jordanian/Palestinian director Mais Darwazah, will open in the Arab world at the 10th Dubai International Film Festival.

The film was shot in various areas of Palestine, with the partial support of “Safar” project through a grant to Mais Darwazah to complete the filming and production of the documentary.
Mais Darwazah visited her homeland of Palestine for the first time when filming this documentary, which was supported by the “Safar”.

The film contemplates the meaning of belonging, affiliation, and love through a voyage of discovery, encounters, reckonings, and inward drifts guided by the artist and writer Hasan Hourani’s drawings and poems.
Watch Trailer:

 Palestinian Youth across the Borders

By Alexa Stevens

On an early Friday morning, over 100 Palestinian youths gathered at the top of a mountain north of Ramallah. From there, they planned to travel through the nearby olive groves to Deir Jarir town and on to the historic town of Taybeh.

These youth are members of Tajwal Safar, a Palestinian youth group that organizes day-long walks to various sites across the West Bank.

Tajwal Safar is more than just a hiking group. Composed of Palestinian youth from across the occupied territories, the group is an integrated, national group established as a political act of resistance against the Israeli military occupation of Palestine.
Tajwal Safar group was established in early 2011 after Samer Sharif, 24, participated in the Arab Education Forum in Jordan. While in Jordan, Samer was inspired by the Safar Youth Mobility Fund, one of the Arab Education Forum projects providing travel grants to Arab youth. Upon his return, he established Tajwal Safar with several other Palestinian youth, all wanting to do something special for their homeland of Palestine.

Unlike the Safar Youth Mobility Fund, which is sponsored by foreign governments, Tajwal Safar is completely self-funded, which frees the group from foreign influences and keeps organizational planning squarely in the hands of its members.

Tajwal Safar includes participants from the main cities of the West Bank, or the so-called Area A, which are under Palestinian Authority control. Travelling among these urban centers can be incredibly difficult for Palestinians, due to the restrictions imposed by the Israeli occupation. Additionally, communication between these cities has been nearly non-existent during the past few years.

The social aspect is the key motive for Tajwal Safar, providing participants the opportunity to learn about their historic homeland together by travelling as a national group to explore Palestine. Samer Sharif highlighted the importance of Tajwal’s role in enhancing the Palestinian identity, values, and freedom of thinking among the youth. 

On that sunny Friday, the group passed through the olive groves, and then travelled to the neighboring towns of Deir Jarir and Taybeh, home of the the historic Saint George’s Church as well as the only commercial beer brewery in Palestinian. 

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