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The Arab Education Forum since its beginning considered the documentation of the inspiring experiences in the Arab world, which focuses on learning a crucial part of its work, done through books and films.

(Qeematu kullimri’en ma yuhsenoh) : said 1,400 years ago meaning “the worth of each person is embodied in several components related to the work that is done by this person such as the skill, beauty, aim, knowledge, and inner drive for social responsibility” :a series of releases documenting the inputs provided in the various meetings held by the Forum.

قيمة كل امرئ ما يحسن الكتاب الاول
وقائع وتأملات حول اللقاء الاول للملتقى التربوي العربي الذي اقيم في بيت مري لبنان للفترة من 20-23 ايار 1999.


قيمة كل امرئ ما يحسن الكتاب الثاني

اهمية التعبير بمختلف اشكاله في عملية التعلم في عمان - الاردن 20-23 نيسان 2000


قيمة كل امرئ ما يحسن الكتاب الثالث

توثيق وقائع الإجتماع ومساهمات المشاركين في اللقاء الثالث للملتقى التربوي العربي في مصر مابين 26-29 نيسان 2001


Environmental Awareness

Newsletter on the environment meeting which was held in December 2003. One thousand copies were printed and distributed to concerned organizations and individuals in various Arab countries.
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A Pebble by the Sea





Madarat- Research and reflections on mobility
In the framework of  Istikshaf- a collaboration platform between the AEF/ Safar youth mobility program, The Roberto Cimetta Fund (France), and I-Act (Egypt)  with the support of the EU- the  “Madarat- Research and reflections on mobility" has recently been published in Arabic.


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