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الإتجاه المشاكس
حكايتي بَصوّرها وللناس بَرويها


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Education in the Arab World.
First meeting: Beit Mery, Lebanon, 20-23 May, 1999.

The Importance of Expression in Learning.
Second Meeting: Amman, Jordan, 20-23 April, 2000.

Characters Channeled to the Arab Youth Through Media.
Third Meeting: Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, April, 2001.

Inspiring Initiatives in Teaching Arabic Language.
Fourth meeting: Aghadeer, Morocco, April, 2002.

Pan-Arab Meeting Fifth meeting: Beit Merry Lebanon, May, 2003.

I. Pan-Arab meetings: Diversity in Learning

II. Special theme meetings: The Reading for Life network

Regional meeting on "The Role of promoting reading, writing and publishing campaigns in spreading literacy in the Arab World"

Meeting in Cairo for groups involved in environmental awareness and youth



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